Our Team

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Our Key Team Members

The future belongs to those devoting imagination and ambition without limits. At Cretorial, our world-class team of innovators, strategists, and growth architects are committed to achieving both. Comprised of visionary Fortune 500 leaders, we fuse expertise redefining growth for global brands. Together, we transform how companies shape experiences and drive progress through content, marketing, and technology mastery. Passionate pioneers of progress, we believe the possible has no bounds with the right ambition and partnership. We accelerate advancement, shape industry direction, and open new frontiers of opportunity for brands dedicated to leading change.

Pawan Nayar

Chief Thought Officer

Sanjul Pancholi

Chief Marketing Officer


Director PR

Nandini Gupta

VP Content Strategy

Shaleen Gupta

Head Experience Design

Krishna Singh

Sr. UI/UX Visualizer

Ankit Chopra

Sr. Content Developer

Aditya Aggrawal

UX Designer


Chief Operating Officer


AI Consultant

Mrinal Upadhyay

Generative AI Champ

Gurpreet Kaur

Content Writer

Diksha Mishra

Content Writer

Mohshina Shah

Graphic Designer

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